Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is undergoing a sweeping structural change leading the organizations towards digital disruption. It has been a constant experience of the banking and financial institutions to improve customer experience & enhance efficiency by adopting cost-effective and leaner operations and drive revenue.

  • Average 27 percent drop has been noted in bank branch usage,
  • Average 35 percent increment in internet banking users
  • Digital banking is expected to grow from 670 million to 1.7 billion by 2020.
  • Financial scams severely impacting brand equity in many cases where "online reputation management" (ORM) becomes an important diluter-cum-manager of such precious equity
  • Severe initiation of competition within insurance, where tie-ups with large, legacy multinationals have created a paradigm shift in the landscape. Two sides to the coin – ONE, retaining & improving market share and TWO, ensuring high levels of customer-retention

(Above statistics are taken from McKinsey report on BFSI 2015)

  • Prompt / expeditious services are now the minimum customer service-level adherence norm – an impossibility unless there is extensive and intensive digitalization across the ecosystem
  • Significant gaps in marketing communication AND ensuring implementation of customer-side best practices w.r.t. Data Security measures (which have begun now to trigger an explosive growth in winning customer confidence)
  • Compelling marketing challenges in the online space due to advent of payment solutions entities like Google Wallet®, Paytm® and PayPal®
  • Expanding portability across web and mobile platform, the entire breadth & depth of banking services through effective marketing communication and digital management of customer expectations
  • Consumer and Prosumer (HNIs, firms and traders especially in this case) behavioral capture in the digital space continues to be plagued by Multifarious gaps. With nearly nil data on such behaviour in the offline space, correlation of CSFs (critical success factors) and gap analysis becomes nearly impossible – this needs immediate addressal
  • Interoperability gaps between legacy and contemporary systems have made meeting customer expectation goals always a "so near, yet so far"

Most BFSI organizations have already begun their digital journey with a clear digital strategy, yet even those are facing major changes. It will be intriguing to see how these along with the conventional players are going to combat the situation. So far it is crystal clear that the opportunity to the BFSI institutions of being digital can reduce their costs, explore new business models, maximize customer value and speed up the operational processes. However, as digital banking becomes an irresistible business trend, to develop integrated digital ecosystems, these establishments need to make investments for complete digital transformation moving from traditional banking services to digitalized banking services.

  • Digitalizing Business Processes:

    All non-mission-critical processes are empowered through scalable software solutions that enrich employee to management, as well as entity to consumer experiences

  • Cyber Security:

    Brand new, intelligent systems that integrate your current security eco-system with all digital customer interfaces (including radio & television) that significantly raise the bar on expectations on both demand & supply side. We have developed new approaches of cyber security in an evolving threat landscape of cyber-crime.

  • Customer Experience:

    Custom solutions spanning application dev and digital marketing to maximize customer acquisition & minimize CPA

  • Socially enabled business process:

    Seamless integration of social media platforms across relevant business processes – enriching customer data, optimizing marketing tactics, presenting holistic approach, and finally, proactively mitigating all risks.

  • Data driven innovation:

    Simplifying the challenges of gathering data and drawing astute analysis by developing a technological structure and data set-up to meet the required level of churn, multiplicity in data-forms and most importantly, their effective utilization from a cost, infrastructure and revenue management perspective.

  • Competitive intelligence:

    Detailed analysis report and information on competitive landscape that helps you to make effective business decisions.

  • Mobile Empowerment:

    Mobility – on the go banking and financial services are what excite the customers in the digital era. We ensure that your business has the most empowered mobile digitalization to reach your customers and make them happy with your services.


The advent of digital technology opened up a myriad of opportunities as well as challenges to the cost, infrastructure and revenue pursuits. As a matter of fact, a plethora of channel interaction mediums such as smartphones, tablets, internet and several others has shifted the customers from traditional avenues of interactions such as ATMs and bank branches.

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